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Self Improvement

The term self improvement is often used interchangeably with self development or self help and has become very popular in recent times. It is an inner process, which requires inner work. It is not enough to simply read articles and books. You also have to practice what you learn, and this requires time and effort. You cannot achieve meaningful change in an hour or two, or even a week or two.

Change takes time, and you must have the motivation, a burning desire and the perseverance. The goal is to live a fulfilled, happier, and self actualized life. Do not be despondent. As a wise man once said, a journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step. And the journey will bring it’s own rewards and blessings. As you go along this self improvement journey – remember Ancora Imparo," - "I’m still learning'' Reaching your full potential is an innate gift which is with each of us from birth.


Why the need for self improvement?

Coping with the ‘rat race’ has left many people with ‘a feeling of emptiness’, ‘not belonging’ or ‘trying to find themselves’.

This can lead to a dysfunction or discomfort in one of the following areas of life:

  • Daily living . The responsibilities that they have seems overwhelming.
  • Lifestyle. Neglecting health and adopting bad habits.
  • Relationships. Inability to get along and finding fault.
  • Community. No sense of belonging.
  • Hobbies. Losing motivation, cannot find joy as they did before.
  • Work. Inability to work effectively as part of a team. Not enjoying the job as previously.
  • Leisure. Tends to be non stimulating, always wanting to ‘just relax’
  • Social. Tends to shy away from gatherings and stick to a small trusted group.

The dysfunction/ discomfort can occur either mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally. Many people have varying degrees of conditions such as lack of confidence, negative thoughts, anxiety and depression, low self esteem, bad habits, social anxiety, emotional problems, lack of motivation and many more.

To help you discover the source of your discomfort, we at Self Development HQ are dedicated to provide information that will lead you on a path to self actualization, which means reaching your full potential.

Self-improvement can turn into an enjoyable, rewarding and empowering activity.

Therefore, the main themes of this site are:

  • Attitude
  • Balance
  • Conflict
  • Depression
  • Emotions
  • Fear
  • Goals
  • Habits
  • Jealousy
  • Integrity
  • Keep going
  • Letting go
  • Motivation
  • Needs
  • Opportunities
  • Potential
  • Responsibility
  • Self Actualisation
  • Time
  • Value
  • Wisdom

You will find articles on all these topics on the site.

Helpful Tools

Browse through the categories on the left and find something which could be of value to you. What can you expect to find. Hopefully all the tools that you will need on your specific journey. Tools such as individual development plans, self help books, inspirational stories of success, affirmations for confidence, key success factors, positive affirmations, thought of the day, life skills activities, tips for improving social abilities, identifying or improving potential, ways to improve self esteem and much much more!


Of particular interest is the concept of Motivation. What is motivation? How does it influence our actions? How can we use self improvement tips to increase motivation? Self improvement and motivation go hand in hand.

Motivation is the psychological act that spurs us on towards a much wanted goal. It can sustain behaviors so that we can reach our goals. Many people confuse motivation with emotion. This is largely due to the fact that many self improvement theories are based on an individual ‘finding their feelings’, and having sustained ‘will power’.

Conscious Living

A new theory, more fitting for the modern era is the concept of conscious living. This concept is a breath of fresh air to self improvement efforts.

One of the basic assumptions is that a human being can act regardless of our thoughts and feelings and once we embrace our goals and live lives true to ourselves, will power no longer becomes and issue.

This is truly a refreshing approach and I invite you on my journey through the self improvement landscape. It is a deeply personal journey for me, for which there is no end in sight. This doesn’t phase me as I’ve realized it is indeed a journey and not a destination in itself. We will be updating the site all the time, so don’t forget to Bookmark the site or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Self Improvement HQ offers YOU self improvement tools and programs and a supportive community to reach YOUR full POTENTIAL!

Hello and welcome. My passion has always been the development of people potential. I sincerely hope that you find my articles useful. Let me know if you would like information on a particular topic.

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