Character Coach

A character coach is largely responsible for facilitating the development of self worth, self esteem, self respect as well as encouraging practices that promote mutual understanding among individuals.

It has been continually expressed that character is who you are when no one else is watching. Character entails our core values, virtues and beliefs as well as our vices. Though we truly cannot change another person's character, we can influence them in a way that slightly alters the way they perceive and respond to challenging situations. 

A good coach not only values the highlights of their work but also the low points, which in many cases provide for the best teachable moments. It is during times of distress and great challenges that a person's subtle attributes often come into full blown display. They should always be, on the look out for opportunities to appraise positive behavior while on the other hand guiding others through overcoming their weak moments. This in itself is among a their most valuable tasks.

Providing much needed support in developing life skills and leadership responsibilities, they are a great addition to the arsenal of anyone seeking a valuable support system. They continually provide moral support and eject confidence and self worth to those individuals who would otherwise feel like the world has turned its back on them. Although focusing on individual success is important, he/she often strives to validate the need for us to built relationships that promote peaceful, meaningful co-existence and shared responsiblities. It is essential to continually remind others of the fact that 'man is not an island' and consequently the value of community.

Tapping into the inner being can reflect and reveal our innermost desires and dreams. Character coaches have a unique way of stirring individuals to break their self imposed personal walls hence opening up communication channels and consequently self improvement. It does not matter how experienced a character coach is, if they cannot get through to a person's innermost fears, it becomes utterly impossible for them to know what plan of action is needed to realize self improvement. Active listening and divergent opportunities to express oneself will generally enable for an environment that encourages openness and trust.

An effective coach should be aware that people are more likely to commit to changes that they have been a part of creating. It is therefore highly advisable to actively involve their 'subjects' in developing action plans towards achieving the set goals. Clear, reasonable and attainable objectives will determine outcomes. Remember that while any change, whether it's in behavior or attitude, requires a good plan, it also very much needs a great deal of commitment and understanding from all parties involved.

Even though a noble undertaking, character coach is not a job for every Jack, Dick and Harry! Due to the nature of responsibilities, being a coach demands trust, self discipline, good listening skills, great communication and self restraint. For them to inspire others to the extent that they are willing to make notable changes in their lives, they have to display integrity and grace without making anyone feel like they are any lesser of beings. Furthermore, at the end of the day, it is not what we say to others that matters, but how, when and where we say it. A great coach should be able to seize such moments.

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