Positive attitude 
Main key towards happiness and success

With a positive attitude you will be in a position to cope with your daily affairs of life in a much better fashion. It can bring in a lot of optimism in your life and make it easier for you to stay away from negative thinking and worries. If you practice positive thinking and make it a way of life you can be successful. This is because with a positive attitude you can only see the bright side of life and always will expect the best to happen to you.  Happiness is a state of mind that comes with the right attitude.

Developing and keeping a positive attitude

 The journey that you take of life is shaped by the decisions that you make. The paths that you choose to take will either give you a good and fulfilling life or a miserable and discontented life. The bark rests with you on which paths to take. Many a time people will blame the past they had for not having a fulfilled life and will wallow in self pity and welcome you to their pity party whenever you are around. Whether it is a dysfunctional family, unrealized dreams or even broken relationships, all these and many more can tie people down and cause them to never progress. One major thing that can change this course is to develop a positive mental attitude.

Manifestations of Positive Attitude

  • Thinking positive
  • Thinking for a constructive cause and not for destructive cause
  • Thinking in a creative manner
  • Staying motivated to accomplish your mission
  • Choose to be happy

Positive Attitude expresses itself as:

  • Achieving Success
  • Staying inspired
  • Not giving up for whatever reason
  • Looking at all failures that come as a blessing in disguise
  • Believing in self and in your abilities
  • Having confidence and self-esteem
  • During any crisis situation, looking for solutions to solve the matter
  • Looking at opportunities everywhere
A positive attitude leads to success and tremendous happiness. It has the power to change your life. If you look at the brighter aspect of your life, positive attitude will impact your environment and also the people around you. In fact, it can become contagious too.

You also need to consider that of the people who are around you it is likely that you do not encourage one another in the right direction. Reason being that likeminded people attract one another. So if you are developing a positive attitude towards life, guess what, you start drawing people towards you who want to also have a positive attitude towards life. It does not happen by the waving of a wand though and uttering some magical words. Not by a long shot. It will take effort from your part to develop this new way of thinking.

There are different ways that will get you developing your positive thinking to give you a wholesome appeal and a zest for life you never thought you had:

 Find a way of releasing that negative energy

You are a being capable of having banks of energy within you that can either be negative or positive. When you choose that which you would rather have within you, it will be paramount to find a safe way to release that which you do not want. Having ascertained that it is negative energy then you find activities that will release negativity from you. These could be but are not limited to working out, developing a healthy hobby, finding a way to appreciate yourself by giving you a treat, reading and journaling. Taking a walk in a quiet atmosphere can have a powerful effect on developing a positive mental attitude.

 Look for and accept assistance

Though it is discomforting accepting that you have a weakness, it shows strength of character to come to grips with yourself. Seeking for help when you need to shows prudence and not weakness. Taking that step will help you have someone you are accountable to and give you a greater drive to living right. This could be a counselor or a friend you hold in high esteem due to their way of living. It needs to be someone you wish to emulate.

Keep a constant flow of positive thoughts in your mind and do not let negative situations dictate to you how to think. Speak to yourself positivity and remember you always have a reason to smile. Life is a gift, enjoy it.

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