About Me

About us or actually about me, Avril N: My passion has always been the development of people potential. It has always saddened me to see potential being wasted due to low self-esteem and a limiting belief system. From an early age I found myself being a peer counselor in various situations.

My career for the last 13 years has been in the training and coaching field. My experience includes; Learning Facilitation, Research and Development, Course Design, Learnership Management; Skills Development, Life and performance Coaching and Performance Management at a middle management level.

I hold a BA Honours degree in Psychology and an International Diploma in Coaching.

Recent developments have allowed me to leave the corporate world and follow my passion for the development of people potential. This site will be the first in a series which I hope will help me reach thousands of people to lead a more fulfilling life.

My own experience with clinical depression and anxiety disorder fuels this passion of passing on what I’ve learnt and experienced.

Take care

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