Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the beast is as much a fairytale as it is a real-life story about the internal conflict that some people struggle with in their life. Some people are beauty junkies, believing that all beauty exists only on the outside and that it is the most important quality because it is the one upon which people obtain their first impressions.

Unfortunately, a strong focus on external beauty sometimes causes a loss of internal glamour, leaving an outward beauty with an inward and ugly beast.



A whole is always equal to the sum of all its parts and people have many parts, with beauty being only a small fraction in the entire equation that makes you, you. Focusing too much on beauty, or any one aspect, means you are neglecting the other parts of you that require growth and improvement.

In doing so, you may become beauty and the beast because, while you may look good, you are not coping with internal problems, paying attention to others, have become unreliable or are simply too self-involved for anyone to enjoy your company. At first, you may not see the problem with your beauty, the way it is making you an ugly person but over time, it is likely to damage your relationships.

The Truth about Beauty

You might have one or many reasons as to why you focus so much on your appearance and less on developing your inner beauty, but until you work on all the parts of you, you are going to be a beauty and the beast. You need to find your true beauty, the qualities that make you unique, your strengths that draw people in and benefit your career and the flaws you have that make you human.

It helps to start by focusing on something or someone other than yourself, whether you turn to religion, take up volunteer work, enroll in a hobby of personal interest, or try to rebuild an old or damaged relationship. If you can begin to open up to the world around you, the process of self-enhancement and the desire to take up an interest in others should come flooding back to you, allowing your true beauty to shine.

Being Beautiful

You ever wonder how an unattractive person ends up with someone super good looking and think they could do better or the one is using the other for money? In some cases, that may be true, but most of the time it is because the super good-looking person sees their partner’s inner beauty and they value those qualities.

If you are skeptical, then think about when you are old and your looks are long gone. People are going to judge you on who you are, how you behave and the way you treat other individuals. No one wants to spend time around a negative, moody individual so if you do not want to spend your last days alone, getting inner beauty advice now is a good idea.

The best beauty guide is not in Vogue, Cosmo, GQ, Esquire or any other fashion magazine, but rather in self-improvement, inner healing or even medical reference guides.

Yes, the media and specialty doctors, such as plastic surgeons, convey the message that appearance is everything, but religious leaders and other doctors are supportive of inner beauty because of its moral and health benefits, like peace, civic duty, reduced risk of heart attack, better coping skills and longevity. The mental health effects of being a beauty and the beast are also unhealthy, as depression and high levels of distress are more likely to occur.

Overall, if you want to stop living like beauty and the beast, then your best course of action is to realize that you are already beautiful; you just have to let your inner glamour shine out for the world to see. If you can do this, your life is bound to be happy, healthy and full of good times with good relationships.

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