Beauty and the Geek

If you want the best of both worlds, be a beauty and the geek, as looks can get you far but brains are a gift that everyone respects and appreciates. It is nice to look at someone who is attractive, but today women and men want the whole package so it is important you do not short change yourself by focusing only on your appearance.

Over time, your mind and your beauty are bound to deteriorate, but your looks are going to go first and you need a brain to deal with the many aspects of senior life.

A Man with a Plan

Women do not want a man who is so unintelligent that he has no direction, no goals or no future plan. Nor do they want a man that less intelligent than themselves, and today's women are smarter than ever, as more and more of the business executive, finance worker and Ivy League spots are going to the fairer sex.

The modern woman wants a beauty and the geek kind of guy, especially since they are now able to make an equal or greater salary to a man, making the size of his wallet much less important than it was years ago.

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This is not to say that men should work less at achieving wealth or financial success, as that is not an intelligent thing to do, but if you think you would find happiness being a plumber instead of a Wall Street executive, then live your dream. If you’re smart, good looking and bring in a stable income, you’re already ahead of the competition because women want someone dependable, who can help them resolve problems and complement their intelligence.

Don't Play the Fool

Currently, the numbers or women are greater than the numbers of men throughout the world, which means more women competing for each man. Thus, to get the best most desirable, handsome, and intelligent man, the woman will need to also the creme de la creme.

Maybe some guys out there still want a girl who is all beauty and no brains, but recent polls taken from various sources from America to India all show the same thing: Modern men want brains over beauty.

  • Men want a partner they can rely on, not someone who is going to waste both their incomes on beauty products because she does not understand the importance of a retirement fund.
  • A man wants to know he can count on you to bring the car to the mechanic and not overpay because you did not realize the worker was overcharging or doing unnecessary work.
  • If a man can come home without dealing with these headaches, he is not going to care if dinner is ready or about your appearance, though both are a bonus.

Ultimately, a guy wants a woman he can have an intelligent conversation with, who understands things because she is smart and whom he can bring to work-related events knowing he is not going to feel embarrassed or have to worry she might say something stupid.

Today, if you are a beauty and the geek and you live up to your full potential, you can be with the man of your dreams.

The fact that intelligence is replacing beauty as the top quality for a person to possess shows how much humans evolved in the past decades. The fashion world seems too over the top for women to want to deal with the inconvenience, especially American women, who recent polls suggest are looking for quality as opposed to quantity.

This is the dawning of a new era in humanity and it is sure to be one of much success and advancement if everyone works to become a beauty and the geek.

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