Change Your Attitude

If you are open minded enough to want to change your attitude, then you are giving yourself the opportunity to positively change your life. All people, at some time or another, experience hardships but if you look into the depth of the issues and are willing to handle and accept the truth that these events may be due to your attitude, you can improve your future.

What Is Attitude and Is It Important?

Attitude is a relative subject. You have the choice to decide on your attitude, change your attitude or even ignore your attitude whenever you feel like. Attitude, in generic term mean the views of a person. This can be negative or positive. 

Some people may wonder if attitude comes from the behaviour. Well, our attitudes may come from three important factors.

They are as follows:

1. The physical well-being that includes diet, lifestyle and hormonal fluctuations.

2. The environment where we grow, that includes parental learning on how to act.

3.  All our grief, anger and fears that were kept suppressed.

Attitudes are basically habits or perceptions; the way we look at something.  You may find yourself in a good mood but suddenly something can put you off and you are in a bad mood again. This is because of your perception. Attitudes are indeed judgments.

The importance of attitude

Attitude is everything and the importance cannot be underestimated. In fact, attitude is more important than skill and even more important than reality. For example, if you are really in a bad situation and you react in a negative way, the consequences can be terrible. However, imagine the same situation when you would have reacted positively. You will see that you will be more stable and in a better position to handle situations.

Positive and Negative Attitudes

A negative attitude will make things in your life much harder than what a positive attitude will do. The beauty lies in developing this positive attitude and improving the situations in your life. Developing a positive attitude can be beneficial in so many ways. The person with the right attitude can enjoy a great relationship with all and be healthy too. Happiness and success will follow those who develop a positive attitude. Life would be more fulfilling and happy for the person who looks at everything in a positive way.  It is very important to have a positive attitude in your life. Yes, you can do this regardless of any problems you face in your life. Positive attitude can help you cope with the daily grind of your life in a much better way. You can be in a position where you feel that these things do not affect you. This is when you choose your attitude. With the right attitude, your life will become easy. In fact, it becomes easier when you combine positive thinking and attitude together. All you need to think is that you are in charge of your life and you are going to stay happy no matter what happens in your life. This positive change with the right attitude can bring in constructive changes in your life and you can see yourself as a happier and brighter person.


Maybe you are not succeeding in your career or it is possible all of your relationships failed because of a character flaw, but the good news is that you have the power to improve these weaknesses if you are willing to invest nothing more than time and energy.

Change Your Mind

Changing your mind is key to changing your attitude because it subconsciously affects other aspects of your well-being, such as your stance or posture. If your mind is at peace, your body also relaxes, giving you a calm, approachable appearance, which in turn, enhances your social adeptness.

It is hard for people to approach or befriend someone who always wears a frown, is tense, nervous or often frustrated, all of which you communicate in your body language. However, if you turn your mind to positive thoughts, your posture and facial expressions become more inviting.

Self-Awareness is Key

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In order to change your attitude, you must first become consciously aware of your thoughts. If you tend to be pessimistic, try to alter your way of thinking and look at the positive side of the situation. If it does not seem to have a positive, look at it as a learning experience.

Take for instance, the unfortunate experience of losing your job, a situation that might cause you to act defensive or upset. Instead of reacting with emotion, take the opportunity to learn by asking your employer about your shortcomings so you can take a class to improve them, which doubles as an interview advantage.

When asked to explain a weakness, you can reply that you used to have trouble with Microsoft Word but after taking a class, you improved your familiarity with the system and are much more confident in your ability to use its different functions. Now, you look like someone who takes initiative, has an open-mind and can grow with the company.

Take Control

You cannot change your attitude if you have no self-control, discipline or too much emotion. If you react to everything with anger, rage blinds you and you do not see the bigger picture. You need to take control and know that you are the master of your mind and your actions. For you to change your life, you have to know your thoughts are negative and determine a way to change them to a positive.

Try taking a deep breath, squeezing a squishy ball, meditating, yelling into a pillow, whatever it takes to release the emotion in a healthy, non-harmful way so you can return your mind to a clear, calm state and see every side of the situation. Once you are calm and have the ability to think rationally, then you can change your attitude and take on a positive approach.

Naturally, it is not as easy to change your attitude as it sounds, especially when emotions are high, as they tend to interfere with judgment and rational. A lengthy process, it requires constant effort and awareness to obtain a positive result.

Start with small, daily thoughts that are negative to train your mind to think positive and do not get frustrated or give up if you forget or cannot always find a pro to each con. You spent your life being negative so thinking positive is unnatural and is not going to come to you overnight. However, if you have determination and actively try to make your thoughts positive, over time it becomes automatic.

Other Ideas on Changing Your Attitude

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