How to overcome the fear of making decisions

Nothing is new under the sun, it is said. Everything that you go through someone has gone through it at a point in time. The only thing is you will often times tend to forget that when you are faced with difficult times. And many a time making decisions can be a very difficult experience. In fact making a decision seems to be more difficult than the decision that you eventually make and have to live with. The fear of making decisions can cripple you and cause you to rotate around the same point in life without the courage to move on in life. This is because one part of your life is interlinked to another.

There are a number of factors that will cause you to struggle with making a decision. This fear can emanate from:

When the decision you make carries a lot of weight on the rest of your life.

  • When you are unsure of what the future holds.
  • Not thinking in a logical manner.
  • Taking life too seriously to make a decision freely.

When you look outside yourself rather than within you; placing the bar on what people will think of you rather than what you know best for you.

Looking at the above points you might see yourself in one or more positions. When you consider who you are it is likely you have dreams and aspirations to be at a certain place at a certain point in your life. When a scenario presents itself for you to drift from that path that you had so well thought out it becomes a difficult thing to face. Something you should remind yourself is that nothing is set in stone; that in this dance of life, it is possible to change a few steps to make a whole new rhythm and dance. That does not stop you from enjoying the dance; you just have to let yourself.

Logic comes from forethought and a structured way of thinking. Sensibility will help you to make right decisions based on who you are and the goals you have in life. There is a point worthy of remembering; you have a resource-filled earth and it comes in the shape of people willing and ready to help you overcome the fear of making decisions -you only need to ask. That decision which is proving too hard for you to make may only be requiring a few wise words from your quiet neighbor or from your well-spoken mother. Be wary though to only go to people who you know will offer you rational advice in your best interest.

You will also have a very unhappy time if you decide to base your decisions on the people who surround you rather than on yourself. Other people do matter and will most likely be influenced by the decisions you make but remember that it will affect you more than it affects them. You should be able yourself well in order to know how love others; making a decision should be in your best interests and in consideration of others.

There are ways that you could inculcate in your lifestyle to help you make wise decisions that will be beneficial to you:

1. Note down all the pros and cons of each of the decisions that you have to make as they come to you. Journaling assists in moments as this but if you're not comfortable with that then you simply note the points. You will be able to weigh them and pick the best among them. You will consider time as a factor.

2. Choose what is best for you as you will have to live with the consequences of the decision you make.

3. The season that you are in in life should indicate the decision you make. This is because enough decisions are time bound and will only work well if they are in their proper time. Time is a factor you will consider greatly to help you make that all important decision.    

4. Find ways to ease your anxiety. The fear of making decisions is brought on by anxiety and anxiety is born of constant worry. Let things be even as you make the decision. This is because worrying and being anxious only cloud your judgment and stops you from making the right decision.

Remember that life is a journey meant to be enjoyed and savored every step of the way; even in the decisions you make.

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