Letting Go of a Relationship

Letting go of a relationship is never easy, but for some people the experience can be emotionally devastating. Relationships in themselves can be challenging, but a breakup comes with its own special set of difficulties.


This is especially hard if both parties did not agree on the separation. Breaking a connection even after just a few months can have a negative impact on a person’s emotional health.

When we feel a deep connection with someone, we invest emotionally, expecting it to pay off. This can be in the form of marriage, or simply a long-term, committed relationship. Having that suddenly taken away can sometimes be difficult to bear.

We can take comfort in the fact that many people have been through this and have come out of it even stronger. Understanding why letting go of a relationship is important can help us to cope with life’s other challenges.

How to Move On

Moving on is not the first thing most people think of after a breakup. First, they have to adjust to the change in their lives. Ultimately, this disruption can affect the way we go about our daily activities.

Some people pick up or fall back on bad habits, such drinking or drug use. Others may find that their performance at work is affected. It would be misleading to suggest that avoiding these pitfalls is easy, but here are a few suggestions that might help.

Remember the Good Times

No matter how the relationship turned out, there must have been good reasons for starting it in the first place. Breakups are not always sudden, rather, problems build up over time.

Instead of focusing on this aspect of the relationship, think about the positive experiences. Think about special dates or romantic surprises during the relationship. Remind yourself, that if you have this experience once, it can happen for you again.

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Understand Why it was Necessary to Move On

Whether you or the other person initiated the breakup, you have to acknowledge that it may have been for the best. It takes two to make a relationship work, and if one person is no longer interested, holding on is pointless.

Instead of agonizing about the breakup, it might be more constructive to examine the reasons behind it. This will make you stronger, help the healing process, and help you make a better contribution to a future relationship.

Talk to Someone

Talking to someone is one of the most repeated bits of advice, but it is an important one when letting go of a relationship. It is easy to allow hurt feelings to eat you up inside. This can be damaging not only psychologically, but physically as well.

Friends and family members are not the only ones you can turn to when letting go of a relationship. Many people open up to therapists and counselors with great success.

Learn to Forgive

Relationships fail for many reasons. Infidelity and distance between couples are two of the most common factors. Ask yourself if you are capable of forgiving the other person if they were the cause of the breakup.

Some people struggle with feelings of guilt because they failed to detect the signs that the relationship was faltering, or did not try hard enough to make things work. This is not constructive and it will not aid the healing process.

Letting go of the past sometimes means admitting your own mistakes and forgiving yourself.

Remember the Person You Were Before

As difficult as your new circumstances might be, this is still an ideal opportunity to rediscover yourself. Did you forgo any activities you love or ignore old friends because of your relationship?

Well, a breakup might be a signal that you were not heading in the right direction. Getting back to familiar things and people can provide much closure and help you to heal.

Ultimately, you must try to think of this as a positive experience, even though this may seem difficult. Letting go of a relationship will be difficult, especially for people with a long history together.

Some people find inspiration in letting quotes, which help to put a positive spin on the act of moving on from a lost love. Whatever the method you choose, remember that life goes on, and there may be someone else waiting for you.

Always remember that “You shouldn’t be afraid of losing someone who doesn’t feel lucky to have you (Unknown author).”

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