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Most people may know about bad and good habits, but few have an idea what is a now habit. This is the kind of habit that people who get things done on time and not later, tend to develop. It is a way to avoid procrastination and putting off decisions and actions until a later time and, in fact, it is a good mindset to develop.

Procrastination is a major reason why capable people fail at getting things done. The procrastinator takes a long time to make a decision and an even longer time to act. This can be a major failing especially where making business decisions is necessary. Like bad habits, developing the now habit does not happen overnight or by chance. The good news is that even habitual procrastinators can learn how to stop putting things off and act now.

How to Develop Good Habits

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If you want to move from being a procrastinator who puts off everything, these steps will help you develop the now habit:

  • Acknowledge that the reason or reasons for not getting things done in a timely manner is not because you are lazy or unable to perform the task satisfactorily. Some experts believe that fear and anxiety are the main reasons that cause us to delay acting when we should.
  • Start with small jobs. Instead of thinking of the big picture, develop a systematic approach to what you have to do. Trying to tackle the entire project at once can be intimidating leading to fear and inefficiency.
  • Create a to do list with deadlines. This way you can get things done at the right time, instead of becoming overwhelmed with everything all at once. Use a timer or calendar to remind you of tasks and their due dates.
  • Accept the current situation. If the situation is too much for you to handle alone, ask for help or tell someone that you are unable to handle it or get it done without help.
  • Know what is keeping you back. Some people simply have too many things getting in the way. For some, it is spending too much time on social networking sites, while for others it may be constant interruptions by the telephone. Recognize where you waste time or where your distractions are and work towards minimizing them. This may require setting and sticking to a schedule for going online or for reading emails.
  • Set a goal that you need to meet. If you have a specific goal in mind, it is easier to work towards achieving something that is concrete with a definite end. Accept that the achievement of this goal rests on you and that others are depending on you to be successful. Having a motivating force is one way to help beat procrastination and develop a winning attitude.

To change from bad habits to good ones you have to take the time to reward yourself for meeting your goals. It can be a matter of buying yourself a treat for completing one small part of a big project, which can help push you to complete each step in time. Each small success helps to build confidence and minimize if not totally eliminate the fear of failing.

While these tips can help you develop and cultivate a now habit, they are not by any means the only way to go. Different people have different steps to help them develop good, winning habits. As the author of the popular book, "The Now Habit,” Neil Fiore, PhD said, “It is the fear of failure, the fear of being imperfect, and the fear of impossible expectations that prevent us from acting...” Once we take steps to manage these fears and anxieties, we can overcome procrastination and all the negative effects associated with it.

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