Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear is one of the biggest steps towards self-actualization. The absence of fear does not necessarily lead to stupidity as is claimed by some people, but allows you to reach your full potential.

Fear stops us from trying new things or from being able to move forward after traumatic events. However, being able to fear nothing is not an easy task and it is better to treat it as a journey rather than a series of tasks.

Types of Fear


For most people, facing their fears is an ominous task because they may not know what it is that they fear. Knowing about the different types of fear can help you to identify your own, which is the first step to overcoming fear. The most common types of fears are:

  • Phobias –Literally dozens of different phobias ranging from a simple fear of spiders to the debilitating fear of being in exposed spaces cause distress. Smaller phobias are overcome through putting yourself in the situations that cause you fear while larger ones may need some psychological help. However, overcoming fear of these phobias is a big step towards building your self-esteem.
  • Being alone – The fear of being alone can be as traumatic as any of the biggest phobias and it is one that becomes larger as we get older. Even for those people who have found their life partner, the constant thought in the back of each mind can be that they may be the one left behind. It is an entirely natural fear and one that is incredibly hard with which to deal, but the best way to do it is to form a variety of friendships so that you will always have someone in which to confide.
  • Failure – From a very young age, some people develop a fear of failure that can stop them from ever achieving anything. This kind of fear is the mind killer and often stems from being told “no” and “you’re wrong” a lot at school. If this happened to you, you need to be able to move past these old injustices. Failure is one of biggest tools of mankind and you learn something new if you fail once in a while.

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Taking Steps Towards Freedom

Taking steps towards overcoming fear is the same thing as taking steps towards emotional freedom and self-actualization. By following this simple five-step model, you can learn how to overcome fear in any disguise:

  • Awareness – The first step in being able to overcome your fears is to make yourself aware of the impact that they have on your life. A fear of failure can stop you from ever trying something new, while worry about being alone may cause you to sabotage any new relationships.
  • Identification – Once you have admitted the role that your fears play in your life, you need to identify them as clearly as possible. Recognize what scenarios provoke the fear and your thought processes when the fear strikes.
  • Worst-case scenario – With your fears identified, you can play a simple game with yourself to work on overcoming fear. What is the worst possible thing that could happen if you faced your fear is a good question to ask. By writing down your answers, you will get a bit of perspective that makes you realize that your fear is not as serious as you thought.
  • Moving your comfort zone – Take this new perspective on your fear and use it to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. When you have done it once, take stock on how it felt and how you could extend that comfort zone further next time. Each time it becomes easier and easier as your confidence grows.
  • Be patient – Sometimes, fear conditioning has happened over so many years that conquering your fears can be a decades long process. Be prepared to give yourself time and do not expect immediate results.

Keeping a good perspective on your fear and your progress will help you to keep calm and move forward. Understanding the causes of fear leads to overcoming fear, which will help you reach your self-improvement goals.

Understanding Your Fear and Getting Fear-Free

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