Power of Emotion

The power of emotion is truly an astonishing thing in its own way. This is because the it's powerful influence over behavior of people. A person and their emotions are tied together beyond untying. This is something that is one hundred percent true and cannot be disputed. Because it is considered to be a part of normal human behavior to be in touch with one's emotions. However, the very same should not apply, if he or she is in touch with bad or negative emotions.

This is because bad or negative emotions are abnormal and should be something that is not encouraged to go on. As these kind of emotions are indeed powerful and can prove damaging to the person that is experiencing them so strongly. These very same emotions can also end up causing harm or hurt to someone else who may be the target of the person with the powerful bad/negative emotions.

The truth is that emotions are something that have an entire lifetime of fuel collected behind them and this is why you experience them so strongly in the present. The accumulation of fuel over the course of many years is what powers them and makes them influence the specific behavior that each emotion does dictate to a certain degree.

The power of emotions are attached to behavior strictly and they also propel a person to action. This action can be in form of strong retaliation to strong disconnection to strong anything in between. Emotions can be very unpredictable things at times and a lot of the time it is situations that can cause them to surface unexpectedly.

We are so in tune with our own emotions that the slightest wrong kind of behavior from a partner, a boss, or even a friend can throw us off course. No one wants to be sad, angry, scared, hurt, or feeling alone on purpose. Our emotions are reactionary and they do respond to the manner in which we are being treated by others in our lives. So, with this said, emotions do indeed have a very power influence over behavior in every sense of the word. This is evidenced as being true on all fronts. Emotions can completely overwhelm a person so much, in some cases, that it can even effect mental state, one's ability to be present or make sound choices. Emotions can even effect one's optimism about life, the way that you look and see yourself, and most importantly physical health. This is because it is integrated very closely with who we are as people. They are what make us human and feeling in every sense of the word.

The power of emotions can truly astonish one if he or she permits it. This is because it is something that we are born with and they are something that only gets stronger as the years progress and we get older chronologically speaking. Emotions begin to gain control from the moment we let out our very first cries as an infant and grow physically. As we grow and develop, so do our emotions too. We learn from our emotions and they tend to learn from us too on the average. It is a shared relationship that is for life and connected to life in every way.

Emotions do have a tendency to be more powerful at certain times more so than others. This is usually because someone or something sets you off for whatever reason. This particular event is triggering off a lifetime of a collection of patterns that can be considered baggage. A person's body is like a giant recorder that has a record of everything that has happened to it in detail. Past events have a way of accumulating one on top of the other and this creates great sensitivity as a result. It also generates fuel in one's perceptions and emotions. Therefore, this is what causes the emotions to get out of whack, and to be on the attack. This is why there power is so dominating a thing. They have taken a defensive stance. The behavior is to protect. 

The astonishing truth about emotions is this. We cannot exist without them and they cannot exist without us. They are the very essence of human fiber and being. They are also our individual way of reacting and seeing in the world. Mankind would be lost without his or her emotions as a key guide in life. They power us up when we need powering and we give them power over us willingly.

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