Power of Thoughts

A hot topic of debate among psychologists is whether the power of thoughts affects a person’s behavior and their life, or if it is behaviors that affect thoughts. Traditionally, people always believed thoughts influence personality, the way interaction occurs between oneself and others, and ultimately, the way in which an individual views the world, their attitude and overall mood. Although much remains a mystery about behavior, the fact remains that thoughts hold a great deal of power.

I Think Therefore I am

One can question the meaning of this old saying and suggest that its implication is if you can think, then you are, you exist. If you take it at its literal value, then you are what you think, which may or may not be true. Generally, if you are a positive person your thoughts tend to be of the same nature however, if you think you are the next great rock star but have no musical ability at all, then you clearly are not what you think.

If you look at this expression only from the aspect of personality, your inner-self, then it is true because you act the way you believe. A large part of your thoughts stem from morals, values, life-experiences, and upbringing so if you think hitting or cheating is wrong, you are not going to engage yourself in these behaviors or befriend someone who has opposing views.

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This way of thinking develops your personality and sense of character, as well as who you choose as your friends, suggesting that the power of thoughts is not only real, but quite strong.

Motivational Thoughts

A great power of thoughts is the ability they have to motivate not just you but others around you, like when they become the words of an inspiring speaker or a great coach leading a team to victory. You can have your own empowering thoughts and lead yourself down the path to a successful, happy life in which you are victorious over your mind.

Not everyone is born with a natural gift or skill, as most people have to work hard for what they want but no one achieves a goal with negative thoughts. If you want to be successful, whether it is in your career, relationship, hobby or becoming a better person, you need to think and act successful. Learning to control your thoughts and turning them to a positive, well-rounded direction is the first step in climbing your personal ladder of success.

The Power of Negative Thinking

As an emotional creature, you may not always have the ability to control your thoughts and on some occasions, they might be negative, which is normal. However, if you find yourself constantly having negative thoughts, then you might be suffering from depression or other psychological illnesses, some that correlate with the criminal mind.

The power of thoughts that are negative is very strong, sometimes greater than that of positive brain activity. A negative thought may not leave your mind easily and can gain strength if experienced with an emotion such as anger or hate, a combination that has the potential to lead to self-destructive activities or those that harm other people. Taking control of your thoughts, especially your negative ones, is so important because it makes you who you are and no one truly wants to be miserable or destructive.

Sometimes, if you want something to happen really badly and you hope for it so much you actually expect it to occur just because you want it too but in the end, nothing. This is because the power of thoughts is not enough to achieve your dreams; you need to put your thoughts into action and take the steps to attain your goal. A thought can only take you so far but that is all you need to start the journeys of your life.

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