Self Improvement Tips

Self improvement tips to guide you in achieving your goal, solving a problem or broadening your horizons are offered via Books, friends, magazines, forums, preachers and life coaches. Each reference has its own way of presenting advice and you can find a variety of tips on different topics from every source.

Some might suggest you improve through religion, others might encourage holistic approaches, and the rest could tell you to be more active or slow down and meditate. The important thing when considering self-improvement options is to choose those that work for you and if you are unsure as to what those might be, keep an open mind.

A Guide to Self Improvement

The key word you need to remember is guide, which means nothing is for certain. You can explore many areas to determine the ways that make you and your life better while also combining elements to create your own path. Each guide, quote, tip and piece of advice means something different to every person and none can guarantee the results you desire; only your hard work has the ability to make you attain your goal of personal enhancement.

Self Improvement Forums

This is a good place to start looking for self-improvement tips because you get to communicate with people that have the same goal. You can talk to others that have experience on this journey, listen to various thoughts, opinions, and stories and no one is going to push you to go in a particular direction, unlike some of your family or friends. By hearing various views and learning how certain people went from having a weakness to a new strength, you feel a sense of confidence, motivation and courage to tackle your goal.

One free self-improvement forum with a variety of topics posted daily is, which requires no more than a user name and password to become a member. If you prefer more information and less talk, then you might like Success, a site that provides self improvement tips and guides you to other reference material, such as eBooks, articles and instructions for mental exercises.


Books are free, non-judgmental, available when you need them and provide you with a wide selection of self improvement tips. If you want to keep your goal to yourself or simply prefer research to personal stories, books offer an alternative starting point.

One new book on the market is religious in nature. However, might still offer some advice as to the ways to be a better person or live a more fulfilling life, whether or not you believe in a God. The book, called "I Declare" by Joel Osteen, a preacher with other published works, focuses on the power of words in everyday life.

Another book, one with no religious influence, is “The Happiness Project,” by Gretchen Rubin, who spent a year trying to improve different aspects of her life one month at a time.

If you are looking for a book to improve a specific aspect of yourself, such as your memory, cooking skills, love life or other areas of interests, the library and book stores haves shelves full of these specialty items, like Harry Lorayne’s, “The Memory Book” or “The Art of Self-Control,” by William George Jordan.

It is impossible for you to not find self improvement tips, especially in this age of technology where you can belong to a forum in Tibet run by monks, order a book from an Alpaca herder who claims to have all the answers or join a Facebook page with others also looking to enhance their lives.

If you know your conflict and you know who you want to become, then all you need to do is find the technique that works for you and persistently put in the time and the effort.

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