Tattoo Mistakes

When people talk about tattoo mistakes, they are not necessarily talking about spelling errors or even about tattoos in some cases. It refers more to mistakes that we make under the influence of something or someone, such as peer pressure, drugs or simple youthful naivety. The tattoo part refers to the fact that these mistakes have long-lasting effects, whether it be physical, like a tattoo that we wish we could remove, or mental stress that affects our self esteem and ability to move forward with our lives.

Resisting Peer Pressure


The biggest cause of tattoo mistakes is peer pressure. This can come in two distinct forms, overt and covert. Overt peer pressure is when people are actively trying to force you to do something you know is not right or good for you. This includes things like getting you to take drugs, telling you to drive while drunk or taking you places where you do not feel comfortable.

Overt peer pressure is hard to resist, as it requires an iron will and the ability to repeatedly say no. However, because these are such clear right and wrong issues, it is easier to get help and support from other people to help you get out of those situations and friendships.

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Covert peer pressure is much harder to detect and is used as much in advertising as it is by your friends. It is the kind of situation where you feel that you are not fitting in or that you should be doing something because everyone else is doing it. This can lead to as many tattoo mistakes as overt peer pressure.

This can be something simple as buying expensive clothes beyond your means, getting a tattoo or listening to music that you do not like. It is much harder to resist, as your brain will find all sorts of justifications for what you are doing. You will need someone on the outside to help give you some perspective and to question your actions.

Avoiding Facebook Mistakes

The rise of social media in the last few years has led to an incredible increase in the numbers of tattoo mistakes on sites like Facebook and Twitter. While you can go back and delete photos, comments and status updates, they will have been seen by all of your friends and potential employers and you can’t remove the image that you gave them of yourself. To avoid making these long-term Facebook mistakes, follow these simple steps:

  • Never post anything while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. These substances alter your mindset and your inhibitions and you are much more likely to say or like something that you would never do when sober. If it is hard to do, uninstall the app on your phone and hide your computer before a night out.
  • Change your settings so you have to approve any pictures or posts on your timeline. It might seem like a pain when you’re putting something harmless up there, but it acts like a reality filter asking you whether you really want the world to see what you’ve written.
  • Think about who can see what you are posting. While Facebook settings are hard to navigate in some respects, it is easy to close down your page so that only a select number of people can see. The default setting is so that friends of friends can see, and this may mean that random people you do not know can look at your page. Try turning the setting to just friends or a small select group of friends for a while to see the difference.

Avoiding Youthful Mistakes

Many tattoo mistakes happen when we are young and do not know any better. With age comes more responsibility and wisdom and we can sometimes live to regret those mistakes. The best advice is to pass this message on to the next generation, whether through your children or volunteering. While you may not be able to change the mistakes you made, your experiences and learning may stop others from making the same mistake.

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